Senate makes counteroffer to Ford regarding hearing next week


News update. I'm Jim shanavie WBZ. News time three thirty to a garage fire in northwest. Suburban wonder lake may be connected to a crime spree wonder lake firefighters were called the home the seventy four hundred block of hickory trail late last night, the fire gutted the garage and caused damage to the home a couple in their nineties was home at the time. They were not hurt deputy fire chief, Mike Weber tells the northwest herald, the fire is considered suspicious because of a crime spree that had taken place earlier in the evening. Seven to ten cars were broken into another car was stolen Weber says, he's not sure if the incidents are connected, but it's still under investigation, rob heart NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Addison Russell sidelined by major league baseball placed on administrative leave because of new allegations of domestic violence, the upstream. They head of cubs. Baseball operations talked to reporters thing here is that. Justice and fairness is ultimately. Found. Timing is not ideal. But it doesn't matter. What matters is getting to get into a custom fair resolution in our opinion, bristles ex-wife illicit radio said who posted on her blog more detailed allegations, including years of physical and emotional abuse. She did not go operate with investigators last year. Major league baseball hopes. She will be more coming this year. More on sport to three forty five and new Carlisle, Indiana man has been spared from prison after he was convicted of shooting a dog in front of its owner. It was last December when a German shepherd named major headache escaped from its owner. And ran off dragging the leash John Hanley said the dog ran up and bit him on the arm. Lakeville police chief Patrick Howard said at the time the owner was right there when Hanley went to his car and came back with a gun and he walked right up to the dog. And all she said, she just kept screaming was no, no, no. And she actually thought he was going to shoot her. The owner said the dog was sitting and looking at Hanley and the gun when he shot in between the eyes he survived. Hanley was sentenced to probation. He could have received five years. In prison. He was also ordered to pay seventy four hundred dollars and take a gun. Safety course, Mike Crausser, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM police in Middleton, Wisconsin. If she had more information about Anthony Tong the man who went on a shooting rampage Wednesday at his place of employment. A software company Middleton police chief truckful the only thing of note that's on his record is contact with the Sioux Falls police department in two thousand four that contact was involving a mental health issue based on that incident tongue at his concealed carry permit. Revoked for employees were wounded police shot and killed Tong Tong had worked at W Paradyne's since April of two thousand seventeen polic- he had no criminal history in Wisconsin. Despite cooler temperatures moving into the area, Illinois public health department says ticks are still a really issue for people who spend time outdoors. Many people have been taking advantage of the extended warm weather by heading outside that has the state public health department, reminding people ticks can bite you and in some case. Lead to hospitalizations. And even death ticks are usually found on the tips of grasses and bushes. If you're bitten by a tick symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle aches, diarrhea, usually people get sick about two weeks after being bitten using deep products and wearing pants and long sleeved shirts are good options for avoiding tick bites burning to foia NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. The deputy attorney general says he was being sarcastic. When he suggested he might secretly record President Trump at the White House reaction from rod Rosenstein, do a story in the New York Times also reports he considered recruiting other cabinet secretary to invoke the twenty fifth amendment to remove the president from office. The paper reports Rosenstein may those suggestions after the president fired FBI director James Comey. WBZ news time three thirty five. Prosecutors California's here Dr refused of drugging and raping two women could be responsible for additional we see well over fifty calls and we've established over a dozen credible. Leads to potential victims is an. Earlier this week against three-year-old. Dr grant Robichon who wants a pier on TV reality dating show and his companion Thirty-one-year-old servicer Riley.

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