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Well, arguably letters from fans Sammy Adjei me not here. Jamie is just landed in the Walt Disney World over Orlando. I know if you're a fan of this show, you know that that is not a rare thing, but she sends her regards to, you know. You and Sam LeVine, there's no telling where Sam could be today. I'll ask him tomorrow when I see him where the hell he was today very excited about our guest. We've we've known each other a long time. We've talked about her being on the show, and then I am horrible. And she and. And then we finally, we, we made it happen, and I'm so so damned pleased. So let's get your, oh, there's an update here. Those who give God damn about the Marlins MRs Mazel the show receive fourteen EMMY nomination somehow we won three technical over the weekend, and then the big, the big pants presentation last our guest about, she's got one herself and she, of course, been to the to the show, which I've not been some curious as to what to expect took congratulations to all the nominees and all the categories. And certainly the three wins that Mazel came up with over the weekend at the technical awards. Lastly, on the major front would just finished shooting the season. Two finale very excited. The season two will drop for the end of the years. All on leelee allowed to tell you. But right to me k. PCS fan mail g mail dot com. And I'll tell you the exact.

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