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To testify system. We have an open hearing. This week. Absence her being able to tell her story. That's Arizona Senator Jeff flake yesterday. He sits on the Senate Judiciary committee. There's Thursday's planned vote has been postponed until after next week's hearing Cavanaugh denies assaulting four and sixty five women who them in high school as well as two girlfriends of Kavanagh's have signed a letter in support of them live in the news center. Jeremy foster KTAR news car thefts are up in Arizona. Eight percent. So the Arizona automobile theft authority is reviving one of its program. It's called the watcher car program Amando Heller with our Zona automobile theft. Authorities says folks receive a decal that they can place on their windows. Police can then stop your car if they see it on the road between one to five AM, they're going to go ahead and stop the car and just terrified that the person driving is either the owner or someone that the owner has authorized to drive a car between that time. She says the program is free you can enroll and get more information on their website. Liane KTAR news. A woman made the news this week for getting caught driving in the HOV lane with a mannequin in the passenger seat and graves with DPS's people have pulled this stunt before it comes with a hefty fine or hundred dollars is what the books for a fine that courts can Levy for people that overtly intentionally violate the HOV lane law DPS has one you may not realize is HOV lane laws are in full effect during holidays that may fall on a weekday. A disabled Tempe man is on a mission to help others with disabilities. Go anywhere with a new kind of all terrain vehicle. Todd. Lemay ASU graduate heads to rain, hopper. USA says what motivates him is an old memory girlfriend and beach missed that opportunity to go walk on the beach with her and hold her hand. I never forgot that Lamaze to rain hoppers a small battery powered vehicle that looks like a four wheel ATV. These though are hand controlled only get people out on the beach. They've never been on the beach before get people to do the things that they may be used to be able to do that the can't do anymore the vehicles and their parts are made in the USA and assembled in Tempe. Kathy Klein KTAR news using a details about the terrain hopper at KTAR dot com. A Japanese billionaire will be the first private passenger on a plan trip around the moon. Spacex founder, Elon Musk says forty two year old you Sokha, Maison was says he wants to take several artists on the trip. I won't this to.

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