Trump an 'absolute no' on Puerto Rico statehood, citing feud with mayor


Going to happen to all of this stuff of ours? What's your trash look like at the end of the week? Join STAN Bunger me for our regular podcast ten questions with STAN and Susan. We find interesting people and ask them exactly ten questions. Subscribe now at radio dot com. KCBS news time four fifty. I'm John Evans editing. The news this morning Fernie buyer. And Nick Palmer a red flag fire warning is in effect in the north and East Bay hills. Today KCBS is Bob Butler has more about that the hot weather in the low humidity colliding as a dangerous combination. This is a great time of year because the fog goes away. It's also a bad time of year. We're seeing increasingly high pressure building into the region from the eastern Pacific. And as a result. We're seeing a little bit

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