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It's believed close to twenty thousand more Palestinians on Thursday, the Israeli human rights organization, but sell them was invited to address the United Nations Security council about the crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. This is the group's executive director had guy. Addressing the Security Council. The Gaza Strip with the population of nearly two million as centrally become an open air frizz in its inmates have been staging protests for the past six months after suffering for more than a decade under the newsletter imposed blockade that does lead to economic collapse, soaring unemployment rates, polluted drinking water, dwindling, power supplies, and onto mentally too deep despair. Israeli officials have roundly slammed, but Selam executive director had guy, speech speech, rarely Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted, but Selim's conduct is a disgrace to be remembered as a short and transient episode in the history of our people. We spend the rest of the hour with hug guy, allowed the executive director of Betselem welcome to democracy. Now, can you expand on what you said yesterday at the UN Security Council? Again, this just the second. Time that you've been invited there, you've enraged Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister. It's essential for us to try and bring about, and for documentation, it's a reality that is so well documented. All of this is happening in broad daylight and the sense that we have been working on this issue for more than almost thirty years or despite knocking the place where I would've agreed with the prime minister is that we would have wished that we would have been the short episode in our country history. We want to resist only as long as documentation exists, and our mandate is to bring about an end that reality. But of course, this has been going on for more than half century or ready and the only non viable path that we identify to change. This reality also because of the imbalance of power in the pied put a stadiums and the ruling is through assertive international action. And that's the voice that we have been repeating already. And number of times in recent of recent years, and the one place the most important place perhaps on the planet to assert that. At point precisely is the u. n. Security Council talk about the facts on the ground in Gaza what is happening there just since March. Thirtieth has gotten almost no attention in the US media, and people might have thought, I misspoke. When I said, when I talked about the casualties, both the dead and the number of Palestinians who have been shot and injured by Israeli forces. The situation goes a in many ways is getting closer and closer to humanitarian catastrophe in some aspects. We have already arrived at that point. But I think usually when people discussing Tyrian calamities, it's a result of some natural disaster in Gaza, everything's we're seeing as result of consistent policies that have been applied by this point ready for more than ten years and discussions of issues such as tier, acting quality of water, the most basic essential need for human living. That's not something that people woke up to a week ago living warning from these developments or the for years. So that is well someday that we've all been walking towards stepping towards ready for quite a while. And now we are reaching those results. You know, people say that Gaza's in crisis mode when they're three hours of literacy day potato when they're six hours of trista today than that somehow acceptable or reasonable. And we're also not talking about the reality that is happening in some distant corner of the world. This is at Israel's doorstep. This is an hour's drive from Tel Aviv, barely right, right next door to the first world economy of the country that I live in.

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