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Opioid addiction has shattered too many lives and broken the hearts of too many families. It's time for toughness and resolve Martha mcsally has what it takes in congress. I've led the fight to secure the border. We need to crack down on drug cartels and stop the flow of heroin and sentinel across our border and into our neighborhoods as your Senator I'll the warrior against the cartels and the opioid epidemic. Law enforcement officials on the front lines of the border crisis know, they can count on Martha mcsally. Here's our joke later, vice president of the national border patrol council. We need leaders who will help us fix the border crisis. Kirstin cinema oppose funding to help law enforcement fight the drug cartels and she supported dangerous sanctuary city policies. Kirstin cinema is weakened border security, the national border patrol council is proud to endorse Martha mcsally for Senate candidate for US Senate, and I approve this message paid for by mcsally for Senate. I'm Tom Shane. Hey, guys. It's Gordon Chang. As a direct diamond importer. Shane company has the best value on diamonds every day. But it's so much more than that. We have by far the prettiest diamonds in Phoenix. That's because of how we select our diamonds, we go to the three diamond capitals of the world Antwerp Tel Aviv and Mumbai where the diamonds are cut polished and then sorted by their GI grade. We then handpicked only those diamonds with the most sparkle within each grade. I tell my friends that how we buy is like going to a farm and handpicking the best fruit right off the trees, you can examine the fruit from every angle and leave your rejects for the next guy because we eliminate all middlemen and their markups. At Shane company. You'll always get the prettiest diamonds for your money pick just for you right off the cutting wheel come to Shane company. Phoenix's direct diamond importer. Now, you have a friend in the diamond business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. All.

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