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Today was perfect for Halloween. Not not if you were sitting at it. But eighty was shut down for several reasons overnight they had a deadly crash two people died, and they closed all the lanes for hours. And then they had a motorcycle fire. They closed all the lane. So and then as you heard markets still slow, so if you if you wouldn't have to worry about sitting in traffic, and you can just have the car take you there. Maybe that would be something else. But exactly, and that's my point. So things like deadly crashes in the middle of the night is because you're either exhausted you're drunk. You're driving under the influence. You don't see well in the dark there. Any number of reasons why we kill ourselves to the tune of thirty seven or thirty eight thousand people every single year. I mean, put that in perspective for a second thirty seven thousand people a year. We've got people who are mad about an rifle Al picking up people for this. But we get upset when hey eleven people were murdered at the synagogue on Saturday. Well, let's see if you do the math. Thirty eight thousand divided by three hundred and sixty five days a year more than one hundred people a year are a day are dying in automobile accidents because we are horrible drivers. We drive too fast. When it rains we drive too fast. When it snows we by the way, we're all guilty of these things at various times doesn't mean you're bad. All the time. Just means you're bad at certain. We're we drive them. We're tired we text and drive. We and drive. We drink and drive. We drive under the influence of mind altering drugs, we whatever we do anything other than stay one hundred percent focused with all of our faculties driving at all times. We don't do it. And so a hundred of us plus everyday die because of it. So the tech world the based on with a big bump from the defense. Advanced research projects agency DARPA got us down this path of self driving or autonomous. Cars that's the background in it. But now we have just hit the new level of it. California said Waymo Google right there. Their car company is now allowed to test robot cars self driving cars autonomous vehicles on public roads with no human driver behind the steering wheel. This is a new level. I will never forget the first time. I was driving down to eighty and I saw a white Lexus. I am assuming it was Google is at the time at Spinney things on the top. And I was like, oh, I gotta take a picture as I'm endangering myself and everybody else on the road trying to take a picture of this thing is I'm driving down the road, but they had humans behind the wheel. Still even though it was an autonomous car that they were testing. So they've been testing them for ten years now ten years and the California d. MVP has given Waymo a permit for up to forty fully autonomous cars to drive both day and night on city streets role highways and highways with posted speeds up to sixty five miles per hour. Are you ready for one five eighty eighty eight ten I for one welcome our future self driving car robotic overlords. I look forward to sit in getting in my car, saying Siri, take me to K geo and series says or whomever, whatever, you know, I don't care. Google whatever. Whatever Alexa, whoever I have to say take me to KGAN TIMMY to Brett burkhart house. We're going to go for a run and the call. I just get in the car. I sit down close my eyes. I take a little nap. Maybe I'm sipping on. Maybe I don't actually taken that. Maybe I snip on. I sip on coffee. I relax, and it just takes me there. And there's no human, and it's just so I'm not I'm not talking to my Uber or lift driver. There are days. I don't wanna talk. I'm sorry. I'm just going to say I right now. Because I talk all the time. That's what I do for a living. I don't always want to talk because Alto. I do is talk. And so I just get in. And I tell the car, hey, take me to prepar cartels, and then I arrive at brats. Unlike bread tech, Gallup nap, and I'm ready for our run we're doing a five kilometer or five mile day. It'd be a five K. Okay. Five.

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