Taliban: 5 freed from US military prison now in Qatar office


License last month. He says his actions have been twisted by the state, and he intends to sued Abbas, license reinstated. So he can become a nurse and weird. Al yankovic will add a classical element to his concerts next summer. He's announced he'll perform with full symphony orchestras on his strings attached to where he writes on Instagram. They'll bring back all the costumes props and big video screen. I most full blown over the top extravaganza ever. Unlike this year is ridiculously ill advised. Vanity tour. That's the name of it. The strings attached tour will feature his hits. Did not announce specific dates until November twelfth folks if you have not seed weird Al and concert you have to get out. And do it the changing of clothes. It's almost like watching all of his videos on stage. He's very engaging. He's weird. Al he's a national treasure recommended highly. And it's a show you can take the family to to more breaking news on the way on this Tuesday morning. It is the thirtieth day of October. You are listening to America's First News. I not fake

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