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Seventy five eighty five triple team traffic, WSB Venice time sports 7:56. Here's Dave Kirby. Irving smarter Puertas coming up with the I look at Vanderbilt dogs ranked number two now in both the AP and coaches small kick off will be at seven thirty Saturday here on WSB, though, falcons escorts seventy three points in their last two games and lost them both because they're banged up defenses. Overmatched Atlanta falls to the Bengals thirty seven thirty six. Now one in three that is last in the division next up the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday baseball is the first and then I'll be history to division tiebreakers today. The cubs will host the brewers to settle the NFL central while the Rockies will be at the dodgers for the west title a winner in that game gets the Braves loses. A both contrast dropped down for the wild card game on Wednesday soccer line United falls to New York. Red bulls to nothing in a battle the top two teams and MLS. They'll face New England again home on Sunday and the hawks first preseason game is tonight at tech against New Orleans. That coach Turbie smart reports presented WSB by delta, keep climbing. This is the Monday, Kirby smart report. I'm chalk downland for Tony shivani. Coach, congratulations. You knock off the vol's, but not another team from Tennessee coming in vandy coming in this week. You'll be really important for us to continue our growth and our improvement really continue to improve our behavior. So that we can get better. We can get better at all the things we need to getting a lot of players on our team practice in rip. So that we can grow our team and have more depth. And when you're talking about behavior on field discipline and execution. Well, I'm just talking about playing. I'm talking about minimum next assignment. We ask you to do it at a high level do it in tough moments. I mean, we had some guys bus coverages shouldn't do little simple things. And when you do that, it's costly for your team final question. Homecoming crowd important is always always big have home crowd. I mean, you only get what six seven home games a year. We gotta make 'em cow. We gotta really love these kids up do it for the seniors or last homecoming game and come out in a in a. Great environment and getting enjoy it. That's the Monday, Kirby smart report. I'm Chuck down. Lynn for Tony shivani, all the Georgia BULLDOGS sports network that guys our top stories are right around the corner in Atlanta's morning news. I'm WSB's Bill Caiaccio. Why President Trump believes in FBI investigation will help his supreme court nominee having.

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