Feds turn focus to Florida in search for package bomb sender


The feds have descended on a postal facility in south Florida in their hunt for the package bomb. Culprit FBI agents are coming through the facility. Nope. Alaka? Whereas some of those mailings may have originated CBS's Hillary lane on other packages that came through Thursday, former vice president Joe Biden was one of the targets of the two package bombs. We've got a. We gotta come together the package is intended for Biden looks like the others with the return address of Florida congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, actor Robert deniro was another target of one of the packages. Police say it was sent to his production studio right here in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, none of the suspected bombs detonated. But investigators still consider them potentially dangerous since the bombs never went off. Investigators are not sure if they were just meant to scare

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