CBC's daily podcast, Front Burner, launches Monday



In the latest poll news. Hi, everyone. I'm David Wessel hosted front burner. A daily news podcast from the CBC. See you Monday in Canada, the CBC launches its daily news podcast on Monday called front burner. It's hosted by Jimmy as we reported on the first of August Rogers has been running the big story as a daily news podcast since June and choruses weekly. This is why launched a similar time. What's next for podcasting paid, subscriptions and exclusive content thinks Eric Peckham of tech crunch? He notes that the successful Chinese podcast model. His mainly funded in this way bit platter. Have posted analysis of discussions about major retail brands in podcasts. Amazon is the clear number one. The rest of brick and mortar stores the casino awards journalism prize in Spain is now recognizing podcast is a valid entry format in Columbia podcasts. Don't need help. They need money and journalism in general says caroliina go. Herrero from radio Ambuhl anti iheartradio's podcasting awards. Well, Jeffrey Craner ca writer of welcome to night Vale has views on them as many indie podcasters in Facebook groups, Google podcasts broke for some users earlier this week this happened to me too. I'm opted into the Beata version of the Google happen to fix it idea registered from the Beata version and reinstalled it beat versions doing clued bugs. It's kind of the point New York public media who owned WNYC has a new chief operating officer Depeche mcgruder, she joins from MTV and BT networks and is a former on air reporter and an event for you November twenty seventh in Toronto in Canada. The future of podcasting to report back won't you in all this tickles corner today, five great plain right podcasts. From will Williams

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