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Netflix will not be picking up the option for season three of iron fist, but you will still see Danny rand crossover in some of the others and actually a defenders to is not off the table. So we will see Danny ran and possibly Jessica Jones. Another defenders. Probably Luke cage. They work so well together, and maybe we'll get a heroes for hire spin off, but there will be no more immortal iron fist solo series. I'm the. Protect your line. Yes. Danny, we know who you are. The aero verse has huge crossovers every fall. This fall, no, no different. We are going to be introduced to the city of Gotham and a new character to the aero verse bat woman, they cast ruby rose to be bat woman, and they've shown some costume pictures of her and looks like they took them straight out of the comic book. This is right off the pages of DC. Ruby rose has the look. She has the acting chops the arrow verse. All those shows are crazy popular. I'm loving that they're expanding, especially with Gotham going away. CW is expanding their CW superhero universe, so might not be long before we start seeing some more of these guys in their own series. DND players. If you remember a while back, they added a new class. Old spice came up with the gentlem-. In class based off of their commercial character? Well, not to be outdone. They've made another new class. Not old spice is just made up by the fans called the murder Hobo class. If you've ever played DND, you know, the murder hobos are the players who just want to maim kill rape, torture for no reason whatsoever. Just do it in cause chaos. They have made their own class with class defining rules. Now you can actually download this from DM guild, which is it's probably not going to be considered canon for DND, but being on DM guild is probably the next best thing. If you're DM is allowing it, you might try this murder Hobo class. If that's not for you, get the old spice gentlemen class there I've played the gentlemen class. It's pretty cool. You should try it out, murder Hobo class, not into that type of character. A lot of people are, but, hey. Now you've got rules for it by now. You've heard that Disney has fired James Gunn the guy who wrote and directed the guardians of the galaxy hugely popular movies. He was fired over some tweets. He made ten years ago or so. They were made in jest, but they were taken, I guess, by Disney's seriously. They didn't like the content a lot of dark humor that they didn't think was funny. So they've, they fired him well, as soon as they did that, all the other companies were lined up at his door knocking and the one he answered for was DC. The DC universe is going to have James Gunn attached to the new suicide squad to movie. He's already proven. He can write group movies with guardians of the galaxy in just do a killer job. It hasn't been decided if he's going to direct suicide squad to yet. But just the fact that he's writing it is it's mind blowing. We're going to see probably the best suicide squad incarnation. You could think of Batiste day Batista's already said that he wants to come over. If James Gunn is directing it and play a character. I just I can't wait for this to see a movie be as popular or some of the marvel movies would be great. I would love to see James Gunn grab this and run with it and just do a whole series of DC movies. So congratulations, James Gunn. Congratulations. DC marvel. I hope the guy you've replacing with does just as well. Let's finish this up with some Star Wars. Let's start with the mandatory and show by John Fabbro. If he don't know already, the Disney play channel is picked up a big budget, Star Wars series that they're letting Jon Favreau writing direct. Jon Favreau has done an excellent job with all the other stuff. He's worked on from iron man, two zero through gemology all the way up to jungle book the live action one. Handing him the reins of this in him picking a character or a classic character. So I contacted MandA Laurean can't wait man in case you didn't know Django fit Boba fett are the main delorean's you're probably more familiar with or maybe some the ones from the clone war series.

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