Don't eat romaine lettuce, health officials warn


James Comey sources tell the times that began told Trump that as president he didn't have the authority to do. So and began reportedly had White House lawyers prepare a memo warning the president that ordering an investigation of his rivals could be seen as an abusive power and lead to his impeachment. That's reporter, Dave Packard. We told you about this yesterday the annual Turkey, pardon was that was about to go down at the White House. Well, it did. And a plump Turkey named peas will now live to see another day. Thanksgiving is a time of great American traditions. And today, we continue a very special one when a lucky Turkey gets a presidential pardon peas, an understudy name. Carrots will be retiring at big rest exhibit, ever tenure tech. The turkeys are from South Dakota. Trump joked, the Democrats will issue peas and carrots subpoenas when they take control of the house in January, so cute. Turkey's do you? Remember that time that Sarah Palin was doing stand up somewhere and they were slaughtering turkeys behind her over her shoulder sticking the Turkey because they put them head down into shoot. And then they chop their next off. And then they bleed them out that way that was horrific. I remember that. Oh, my I will never be able to forget that. Unfortunately that is seared into my consciousness six. Oh, eight on Orlando's morning news are full five day forecast. Oh my goodness. It's almost thanksgiving. It's brought to you by Tuffy tire and auto service. Good morning, Tom. Good morning. Joe getting ready for the nice long holiday weekend. I think we're starting to get off just about

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