Air Force mascot injured after West Point prank


KOA NewsRadio time eight oh, two all many a good weekend for central Colorado ski mountains and national weather service meteorologist Kyle for dean says the ski resorts won't be disappointed with this coming week or during the cold unstable northwest flow, and that's going to keep the mountains unsettled for this upcoming weekend. They're going to get pretty much snow. Good chance for snow every day for this upcoming week summit county resorts reporting up to eighteen inches of snow in just the last forty eight hours this natural snowfall complements our hardworking snow makers and mount operations folks to get them out and open and we look forward to welcoming. Folks, Russell Carlton with keystone both keystone and Breckenridge open. This coming Friday, the final pushes on for Tuesday's elections volunteers all over the state or making phone calls and knocking on doors by the tens of thousands, Colorado Republican party chair. Jeff hayes. It's too late to mail ballots. Drop them off by seven on Tuesday evening college football, air force's, falcons licking their wounds after army beat them seventeen fourteen. But it's not just a team. That's hurting the air force academy. Mascot a falcon called Aurora was stolen by West Point cadets before the army air force game. But the print took an unfortunate turn when the twenty two year old falcons suffered an injury to both wings. There's a long tradition of stealing mascots ahead of games. Whether it's the army Mueller the navy goat. The Colorado Springs gazette reports the injury could require the bird to be euthanized because of its age Todd ant, ABC news, New York. Broncos Texans today at mile high Denver offensive coordinator Bill must grave Houston coming in very disruptive defense so trying to stimulate it out here practice prepare for this group. They're playing well. Our coverage is next with.

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