Browns rout Bengals 35-20 for road win


This is the nine o'clock report. I'm Matt spray can now the Bengals had the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns on the sideline today. They were playing at home and still couldn't manage to win back. The Browns were up twenty eight to nothing early on and went on to win thirty five to twenty at Paul Brown stadium after noon coach, and there was some bad blood. That was Bruin. I mean, you know peppers is a multi little son of a gun and some of the demonstrations, I thought were pretty classes, but not at the end of the football game. I guess every dog has his day eventually going to get yours back. Right. Yeah. I don't know about that day. Has no responsibility. We've got coach better team better prepare mangles coach farm and Lewis with Dave lapham after the game today. Andy Dalton had to leave because of an injury to his rights in the third quarter. X Ray show. It is not broken. But more tests are expected the Bengals now five and six and Denver which beat Pittsburgh twenty four to seventeen afternoon comes to town next Sunday.

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