Trump throws support behind criminal justice reform bill


Homeless shelters have been filling up as North Texas. Temperatures could drop into the twenties again tonight more from KRLD's Allen sky about their planning to stay busy hour calling outreach center normally shuts down at night, but found her Wayne Larson says he's been staying open since Monday, we're going to stay open again tonight because to be below freezing. We don't anticipate doing this the rest of the week where are we going to do it? When the weather drops below freedom for the night is about one hundred twenty people have been staying each night and nonprofits I'll have to work together because Dallas has ten thousand homeless people, but only two thousand beds, it shelters they wanna come and they want to stay obviously. So we're using up every year in our facility would find a fifty where we can. And then our worship centers. Larson's has bystanders have been bringing homeless people to are calling. Police have been watching for people with nowhere else to go and hospitals have been sending people show up there. Alan Scotties radio tonight KRLD. Traffic and weather together. Got some construction might get in your way, if you are northbound on thirty five year between marseils and Ewing also northbound eight twenty between Randall mill and trinity and in euless westbound one eighty three between main and industrial be aware of workers in those areas. From the K early weather center. Clear skies over not gonna get down to about thirty two degrees. Sunshine for Thursday and a high of fifty nine Thursday night. Look for starry sky down to forty one Friday is going to be a good looking after noon sunshine and a high of sixty seven forty four on Friday night, sunny on Saturday, sixty seven but Saturday night, a thirty percent chance of rain. Creeps in right now, clear skies, thirty four degrees at NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD.

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