Texas executes Mexican who killed his family 26 years ago


US military placed barricades and barbed wire in places, and at least three lanes were closed at Tijuana backing up traffic at the busiest land border crossing the western hemisphere net. CBS news correspondent John Blackstone at the border, the eight hundred migrants split off from a larger group of about five thousand and are planning to request asylum in the United States a suburban man who pleaded not guilty to trying to blow up a loop bar in two thousand twelve wants to change his plea attorneys. For Adele doubt who who was arrested in an F B is thing in two thousand twelve or asking a judge to allow them to enter what's called an offered plea. The plea means prosecutors would have enough to convict, but he would not have to admit guilt. In addition to face charges, accusing him of trying to have an agent killed and attacking. An inmate who drew a picture of the prophet. Muhammad, Keith Johnson, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. It's on to the Illinois house for an attempt to make twenty one the legal age to buy cigarettes. Statewide, governor vetoed. This suggestion gets anti-business sponsor is state Senator truly Morris at this Bill raises the age to twenty one to purchase tobacco products alternative nicotine products and electronic cigarettes nine out of ten of today's smokers began as teens smoking is not a right and a bath, it smoking is an addiction and societal burden over I got the minimum thirty six votes in the Senate tobacco. Twenty-one is already the law in many Illinois municipalities including Chicago at the yellow capital. Dave doll NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. First degree murder. Charges are being filed against a twenty seven year old Madison man accused of gunning down a Harvey Barbara whose clients included Chicago Bears players, Mike Carney's murder says Harvey. Police chief Gregory Thomas was motivated by jealousy. Carney's girlfriend who was with him in the car when he was shot twice in the head. At a gas station was the ex girlfriend of the suspect Perry goes up is an individual whose emotional you cannot accept the fact that she moved on four he followed down. Michael current the chief, new Carney personally this case in particular one that was a very motivated and bringing it closer to because I knew his character. He's a man of integrity a lovey, man. Kearney's mother. Michelle said he was a phenomenal individual is giving my family closer. Now. It's not going to bring my son back chief said the suspect had cut off his long dreadlocks while he was on the run in Harvey, Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Sixty four year old man was found dead over the weekend near Garfield park. Any medical examiner's office has ruled that Alden Harris died from cold exposure with other health factors, contributing to his death. It was ruled an accident. Harris's death now

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