Is the new 'Magnum P.I.' as good as Tom Selleck's old show?


Story right out of the chute the reboot of magnum PI starts tonight. And it starts without Tom Selleck. And as the self-appointed president of the Tom Selleck fan club for life. I feel like it is my duty to watch this travesty tonight with an open mind trying to have an open mind about this. The intrepid what happened at Tom. Well, he's seventy something years old and blue bloods CBS. So I guess they didn't think he was cool enough for because obviously they don't pay attention to who. Tom Selleck is because he's awesome. No matter. How old he is is I would I would totally watch. A Tom Selleck PI retirement home version one hundred percent to those Louis l'amour westerns to could you imagine? If they did it would be like a mash up of murder, she wrote and magnum PI he could be in the nursing home. And he could be

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