Trump orders FBI probe into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh


Sivertsen. President Trump has ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh ABC's. Mary Bruce reports that comes after Arizona's Jeff flake requested to delay. The vote Senator Jeff flake was on his way to the judiciary committee planning to back Brett Kavanagh's confirmation. Children in your. Children Anna Maria, Archie, LA and Maria Gallagher, both victims of sexual assault. Imploring? The Senator to take a stand. ABC's Terry Moran says the FBI investigation will likely start with Christine Blasi Ford's allegations, her testimony contained several vivid and precise details, for instance. She says she made I contact during the alleged attack with Brett Kavanagh's friend. Mark judge who she says was in the room. Dr Ford also offered facts that could be checked easily including that she saw Mark judge shortly after the alleged attack working at a local supermarket ABC news legal analyst Kate Shaw. I do think that reopening. This FBI investigation is an extremely positive development from the perspective of trying to make sure that the supreme court is as removed from politics as possible the court has actually never I totally apolitical body. But it's important that it tried to remain above and apart from politics. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell advanced the nomination Cavanaugh is one of the most qualified and most impressive supreme court nominees in the history of our country. Setting up a vote next week after the

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