Who is Jamal Khashoggi?


Arabia for a global audience, there. Gestion that, yes, he is a fist critic, yes. At the same time, there's a tremendous love his home country. And nights. Say that really translates to many of the activists and individuals who really for years before Mohammed bin Salman effectively took sort of the rain's even though his father's officially still the king. I would say that many of the people that unfortunately, the kingdom is turned against recently are the very the very few who were frankly proponents of reform. This is what is so frustrating asking for things like a relaxation of the guardianship laws more open and liberal Saudi society increased direct foreign investment, increased engagement with the outside world. I mean, all of this was part and parcel of much of what these young a lot of them are young, but you know, John is not surly. One of the young ones was certainly many of the reformers wanted to see these kinds of changes, and they would have been the greatest allies in advocates of bin. So men's reform efforts. But you know, certainly, I think the crackdown on these individuals just points out how little. Room there is even for supporters of haven't been some men's reforms to to sort of share the limelight. He relayed. I would say how the sun man wants to sort of be the only one to sort of give these rights not to have other say that they earned it, but in fact that the the monarchy

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