Exclusive: Saudi Arabia, Russia agreed in Sept to lift oil output, told U.S.


An extra one million barrels a day of oil and could do even more yet market. Doesn't seem to care oil has been pushing well into higher. Territories. After the September meeting in Algiers spurred prices to a four year high today, they are off though one percent for WTI. Ian, Shepherdson pantheon micro economic chief. Economist tells Bloomberg a higher price for oil is not all that bad for the USA. So this is a new thing for the US. We've always sort of the us is being hurt by high prices, but actually high gas prices are higher oil prices on our positive because of the immediate response in the show business to the puppet of making more money. Meanwhile, stocks are up headed toward records as the dollar gains after a private jobs data pollsters confidence in the world's largest economy. We look at those numbers every fifteen minutes rectal trading day on Bloomberg radio. SP five hundred up one half of one percent up fourteen. Dow's up six ten percent up one hundred fifty nine. The NASDAQ is up one half of one percent up forty. Three the ten years down ten thirty seconds. The yield three point one zero percent west Texas intermediate as I indicated is now down nine percent nine tenths percent at seventy four fifty four berlet's nine tenths percent. Comex gold's down a tenth percent at twelve. Oh, five ten per ounce. Footsie is up a half percent because of national day. The Dax in Germany is closed attack. In Paris is up one half of one percent. That's a Bloomberg business flash. I'm Greg Jarrett. This is Bloomberg

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