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Minnesota weather center. Mostly cloudy in war with scattered thunderstorms today. We'll get to seventy six hundred apple Saint Paul if you stronger storms are possible. Your later today tonight, windy this evening, then clear thirty eight tonight. Tomorrow something in the morning clouds in the afternoon. Caller, fifty one I'm meteorologist Shawn cable on twin cities news talk AM eleven thirty the temperature right now fifty nine this report is brought to you by Maximus smart security, lights at Costco, getting HD video of all activity at your door from your smartphone. That's what maximum security lights do plus much more talk live with visitors from anywhere better than a video doorbell and so easy to install get maximum security lights at your local, Costco. The vital weather information. You need. At the top and bottom of every hour on twin cities news talk. Twin cities news talk AM eleven thirty. Twin cities news talk AM eleven thirty and one zero three five FM. You wanna take part in the.

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