CIA considered potential truth serum on terror suspects


Shot a million dollar. Civil lawsuit has also been filed against the officer seven twenty forty four degrees in Boston this used to be called parking. But in a day of self driving cars, there's no virtually no limit to what activities motorists can partake in on the go. A new study from the very academic sounding annals of tourism research says when robot cars. Become normal. We'll all be eating sleeping and fooling around in our vehicles. That sounds pretty fun. But the researchers point out the new roles could cause economic disruption for roadside restaurants highway motels even prostitution study, author Scott Cohen tells fast company, it's not impossible to imagine a red light district on the move, especially when you take into account, according to some polls sixty percent of us have had sex in a car at some point in our lives, Cheri Preston. ABC news look at Wall Street today much better than yesterday. But still the market is in the red can't seem to shake at the Dow down triple digits one hundred points. Exactly, NASDAQ and S and P struggling as well yesterday, though, much different story. Six hundred point selloff used to be called here at WBZ at seven twenty one speaking of unusual activity these days aviation officials in Ireland are investigating a series of reports in which pilots have described seeing bright lights moving quickly over the skies of Ireland. These lights were lights were observed from two airlines. Last Friday morning. There were no scheduled air activities in the vicinity of those light flashes. At the time seven twenty two time now to get caught up on Hollywood with the entertainment report from Romeo at kiss HBO is just an ounce at the final season of game of thrones will premiere in April of two thousand nineteen no specific release date yet. John Mayer says rapper Drake helped him get sober says he was at his thirtieth birthday last year made a complete fool of himself in realize it's time to get some help mayor says not drinking anymore took some adjustment. But he's doing well Stanley says the fantastic four saved him from quitting comics years ago. Back in one thousand nine hundred sixty after he was already in the business for twenty years says he was ready to get out fell in

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