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No. L shows don't have. How down wasn't next now? How long have we been going? You get. Brian forty five seconds. Well, so that again what I say about Alex Jones of worst. I think the worst part about Alex Jones is that by existing in the sphere that he does he creates space for slightly less crazy people to be perceived as like normal, non like, religion, or whatever or people like ROY Moore and other like crazy hardcore conservative, Donald Trump. Make like they make merit conservatives. Look pretty, okay. But really, they're not. This weird Laryea comeback. See like painting and isn't as shitty shittiest Trump. And it's like he might be a war cry. Right. He's real was a war criminal. That's so funny to me. Funny to think that like George Bush started painting, and because he did that they're like he's kind of a queer like he's not he's not completely Kate. Be completely that way. He just did a half Hitler thing. While I was thinking about Hitler. I did gory gestures and he did Hitler. Right. He didn't do a forward were they call that Sigcau Hitler. Yeah. He just went sideways super flamboyant. I was sitting there thinking about it. I was like I literally was thinking. Yeah. By that metric Hitler was kinda queer. And as I by that metric, Hiller was kinda queer. You did gay Hiller. Yeah. The gay I'll Hiller Browning. Well, we was telepathic. I'm saying I was in here with you. Speaking of Hitler being kind of queer don't. Don't they they being like the conservatives and stuff like that? They part of their whole deal. Is it Hitler was super left? Right. They say, he's a socialist. But also she She was was money. money. He was a major leftist. They say just like how you know. Abraham LINCOLN was a massive conservative. Right. Right. Right. That's what I mean. Like, yeah. I mean, that's all shit defining lift is a mistake controlled. You know, like he was, but that's just fascism fascism of any type for sure but and Hitler, don't hit Hiller. I'll put that. I'll go on the record right now. On the record on this show is as you know. Clarifying that genocide don't head genocide don't know sorta his whole thing. So we've kind of already might our stance on Hitler clear, right? How did you see what else did? I would you hurt yourself to kick. This booed off and the my foot slipped. And I kick myself an ankle rule that don't hit as you were saying about Alex Jones being the leading. I don't know if this is like an an accurate assessment. But where if Alex Jones is that for the crazy, right? They can back. Well, at least we're not this crazy like not even just the right? I mean, I know he's got a lot of that in just conspiracy. Right. I've always that's always like, Lena Dunham has kind of.

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