Good news for As ballpark plans, but dont pop the Champagne yet


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Good news for as ballpark plans. But don't pop the champagne yet by Scotto slur for sports. Good news for as fans, I think I asked team president Dave cavalier. Do the ace still expect to pick a ballpark site. By the end of this year's your promised. The answer delivered by Catherine anchor team vice president of communications and community. We are still on track to announce our plan by the end of the year. That's big v as need to make that pick the Coliseum site or Howard terminal on schedule if they hope to open their ballpark for the twenty twenty three season. Kvass update is good news considering the as recent complaints about lack of response to their efforts to negotiate for use of the Coliseum property. Don't pop the champagne corks yet with any as ballpark talk. There usually are huge gaps in information and ugly. Historical references. I have no doubt that the as will announce their side by the end of the. A year says longtime pro sports executive Andy Dollah JR. My favorite skeptic. They did. So in two thousand six for Cisco field in two thousand nine for deer. It unstained in two thousand eleven for victory court in two thousand thirteen for Coliseum city and in two thousand seventeen for parole to college rim shot please all at stake is the future of the team in Oakland any major delay or setback in ballpark plans. We'll have a domino effect if the as fall behind or off their twenty twenty three opening timetable that is likely to collide with their promise to goose team payroll to a respectable level thus jeopardizing their hold onto the stars of the future. Like, Mike Chapman stars of the future. Tend to align themselves with teams that have a future Chapman just finished his first full season in the big leagues and to be in his prime in twenty twenty three. If ballpark plans lag or fall through Chapman's future in Oakland grows. Him think positive as fans and ignore Dollah? Who tells me I'll meet you at the gondola in two thousand twenty three.

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