This Woman Went From Hollywood Startlet to Start-Up Queeno


Business rockstars. I'm Alex Worley for by Sarah, Michelle Gellar and brag Fleischmann they are the co founders of food stores. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you for having the children's. So for those who are not familiar if you could explain what food stores. Is a clean comforted company. We started out with baking mixes that you can purchase it anywhere in the country at physical retail or online. And then we also offer a subscription based kit offering that you can get once a month in your house. Huge dessert lover. So love that. It's a little less guilt or a little more guilt free. Very cool. I'm so the next question for you is what would you say is your definition of being an entrepreneur? What does it ultimately take? It takes everything that you have. And then some more I thought that I knew it working hard was until I joined the start up world, and you realize it's harder than having newborn twins that it is full-time nature. Attention your brain doesn't shut off. But it's also the most incredibly rewarding when you actually realize you can hit those milestones. Yeah. Absolutely. I'm curious. How has Hollywood prepared you for this difficult world of startups. It's interesting there are some aspects of it where I think that Hollywood definitely has help in preparing. And I think that mainly has to come with the amount of knows that we got the rejection, I look at most people in their lives, and you graduate college and you look for a job, and maybe you don't get a few. And then you settle in a job. And then maybe five or six years later you switch. But for me, it's constant it's additioning processes such a constant and very personal rejection. That happens so often on a large scale that it makes it a little bit easier in terms of leading the nose in the business world Roloff you a little bit and make you tougher as opposed to really feeling it as a personal rejection. I always said that we know we have a great idea. And we know we're going to kill it. And we'll find the right people, and this one just wasn't it as opposed to really internalizing that. Yeah. There are a lot of mistakes and many failures that happen and entrepreneurship, and I can't imagine being an actress that would prepare you for that. You know, a common fear is of failure. For entrepreneurs you ever deal with that we have a very specific definition and for us fail is just the first attempt and learning it just the first time, we tried something. If that one didn't work, it's only a failure. If we don't learn from it and improve upon what we initially set out to do. And you can't be fearful of failure and run business. If you are. Your perspective about what failure really is. And that's what Sarah Michelle talks about. Yeah. So you guys have been at it for a couple years. Now, if you could go back to those first few months, what advice would you give your early entrepreneurial self goodness. Well, I think the big one would be stamina. So you're going to be putting in long hours, and there's gonna be some sacrifice along the way. So if you go back and talk to yourself you would prepare. They weren't even harder. Well, you'd say, hey, look, there's going to be days like this where you want to quit. And after if you knew that that was coming then you would prepare better for it. And that could be all the things that you would do to decompress. Then that could be exercising hanging out with family, traveling to find those things that will get you through that difficult moments in being an entrepreneur. And if you're prepared for that which most ninety percent of first time entrepreneurs are not and makes it so much easier, and so much more joyful. To be challenging Sascha, which is at all are ultimately doing to really utilize the community to look for people that are facing the same struggles or have experienced the same struggles. And learn and grow from that. And and propel each other up. It's a team sport. Yeah. If you could create a startup toolkit, what would be inside of it. It could be more tangible technology could be intangible like a characteristic of personality trait that you need. So what would be inside my God? But that would be our next startup. We can't tell you that unless you send the not answer that question. Capsule. Okay. The big one is if the for not doing tangible be you gotta be visionary. You got to be strategic got to be creative. You've gotta be relentless. You have to have situational awareness and self awareness. But that in the box, and then you have to have that stamina to be able to work eighty hours a week. I think also stellar interpersonal skills seem to always be a prerequisite for successful entrepreneurs that we ought to communicate sell your idea. Get people to come over to your side do Steph when they don't want to to help you out. And and I think also nice comfortable shoes. How

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