Ya Done, Megyn


It's a reset. And I spent twenty minutes trying to French braid my own hair when I realized I didn't know how and gave up, but the good news is I can see all the veins in my forearms now. I look like Sylvester Stallone speaking of blood vessels. It's time for the entertainment news, or as I like to call it your recess from the real news. Here we go. There are so many different beefs in life, three range beef grasp fed beef and the best beef of all which is a rat beef and in that latter category fifty cent, but an entire block of front row seats at jar rules concert because they are enemies, and now Jerusal has to grousing for an audience of no one and every time he looks into the stands he'll see fifty cents base laughing over giant green flames like the wizard of Oz. Expertly played well done beef. Modern family, which is still a show. Even if you don't watch it anymore says a twist is coming that is quote bigger than the death, and quote, but I don't know are they crying wolf again, no spoilers. But the big death. Wasn't that big? Or were they playing us. Maybe I feel a little angry and lied to. Which means I'm gonna go full, passive aggressive and just leave modern family on red for awhile. That's right. You're just texting hype into the void for now. Modern family until a lesson is learned and then thirteen days later, I text you what's up with the happy face. Like, I didn't just put you in a motion jail, Meghan. Kelly is fired. I'm sorry. Was that too blunt? Let me rephrase. Megan Kelly today will not be on NBC anymore because of how Megan Kelly is a bad person. Good that was better to catch you up. Megan Kelly pontificated on the air about whether or not black phase Halloween cost. Tombs are offensive because she's a serious journalist who spouts her fully uninformed opinions into the ether. And even though she later apologized NBC was like Yad done Meghan so Megan's done now. But I have a feeling she's going to be so so tempted to go as black sand up a Halloween this year, you got to resist that urge Megan to round don't make a right Nerf that toy company that makes foam shooting blasters that totally aren't guns. They're just fun ways for siblings to harm each other are now making Nerf blasters based on the fortnight video game. This is so bittersweet. It's giving me Nerf nostalgia Nerf style. If you will. But I remember in my time when Nerf blasters weren't based on any new fangled video game. They were just a thing. Your little brother got for Christmas that spiked his aggression so sharply that it led to a family reevaluation of the household parenting style that peaked with everyone going. Off sugar for a very long two weeks. Lenny Kravitz did an interview with variety at where he talked about roadblocks in his early career. He said, quote, I would take my music around to the labels and would get the whole. It's not black enough response. The people at the are NBA and ours couldn't deal with the pop side and the people on the pop side were confused as well. And quote, this is crazy because according to my brain, Lenny Kravitz has been famous forever, but industry pressure on artists of color can be very real Santa gold who has another John rebuffing black artist encountered this problem too. And she still talks about how a lot of her music. That is not hip. Hop gets categorized as hip hop. Anyway. It's like a Santa gold handed someone a blueberry Muffin, and they were like, thank you so much for this soul food, and then Santa goal was like, okay. Megan Kelly time for you to go home. You done you done Meghan, man. Halloween time really makes me miss Heidi Cloonan seal as a couple, I know it into terribly. But isn't that a holiday they could? Celebrate together as co parents for me in adult stranger. I would really appreciate it. Take care guys. I'm Livia Harewood. And if you enjoy recess keep it going by becoming a patron at patriot dot com. I will catch you next time and until then recess adjourned. The podcast. You just heard was published with anchor got something you want to say to the creator of this show. Send them a voice message using the anchor app free for an Android.

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