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Tahoe. Super smart white lightning. Very impressive. I like the way you synchronized with yourself. We're kind of in nice rhythm me. Yeah. Has gone. Well, what else is smart your Chevy Malibu, pretty darn smart? As a matter of fact with an awesome team driving feature called in any driving feature. That sounds says oh, by the way, by the way. And marianna. This is for you. I'm on the way to work this morning. And I decided I had to look at my phone. I'm pretty good about not doing that. But I ahead. Look at my phone. Did you forget your phone to know? I had my phone. Fortunately, the brake lights on the car in front of me is that was gone fifty probably at that point the brake lights in the car in front of me, flashed which caused me to look up in time to slam on my brakes. So I wouldn't end up on your traffic report. Steve. You're driving. Now. Don't be a dope. I was a dope. And I almost caused an accident. Did you see the signs on the boards on the this week on the expressways? Don't look at your costume watch the room perfect. Right. So anyway, I'm willing to admit, I'm an idiot. And I certainly hope you are not surf you're texting in your car right now. Stop it..

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