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Related to speeding aviation deaths and recreational boating accidents also decreased but rail deaths increased by fifty eight from two thousand sixteen Todd ant ABC news. Also, especially dangerous this weekend is AAA is warning of increase risks of crashes as people are rolling the clocks back late Sunday night. Aaa says numbers show. More crashes happened at dawn and dusk than at any other time of day answer that this weekend. The sometimes disorienting fallback triple as Kimberley's schwinn. This can lead to some tired is especially in the coming week and an increased crash risk as nighttime deriving does lead to more. Crashes? Twin says nighttime crashes go way up in November each year. Jared alley NewsRadio six ten WTVN gas. Prices are falling sharply. Thanks to some oversupply today. Aaa says prices have already fallen by six cents per gallon over the past week. The drop comes as gas prices approached a four year high just last month, and stocks are ending the weekend the red ending three straight days.

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