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The forty Niners raiders game. Yes. The forty nine that scored again, but the every thirty one to three lead. So that probably tired before tend to play in the third quarter. As John Brickley. Said part of the sports update the backup to the backup quarterback in San Francisco. Nick mullins. He's already gotten verified on Twitter in the space of what two plus quarters. The only thing outside of that. That's pretty funny. The only thing the raiders have had an advantage tonight. So far is that unlike the forty Niners in which their kicker to start the game put the ball in the wrong yard line. That's how this game got started. At least the Oakland Raiders kicker. Put the ball on the right yard line. They kick off the second half. So there's that I know baby steps some kind of progress. But at least you can say at least feel goal kicker was better than your field goal kicker when it came to starting a half of an NFL football game. It's the little things, Freddie, like a little beatdown that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, but that press conference, it'd be interesting, but Jon Gruden has to say about that. But good on the forty Niners. Also good on Nick Mullins being verified on Twitter in the space of two quarters fifteen to twenty two hundred sixty yards and three touchdowns. Forty-nine sleep the raiders thirty one two three three. Oh, eight to play in the third quarter UCF in temple UCF leaning forty two to thirty four. Over temple the fourth quarter has just gotten started in that ballgame temple had four hundred and forty five yards in the first half alone. They've only accumulated hundred and twenty five yards in the second half. But simple trying to dig into the league. But he just missed a field goal. Why left and forty yards away? UCF LIZA forty two to thirty four fourteen fifty two to play in the ball game and Milwaukee and Boston Boston leading at one fifteen once wealth, Milwaukee has the basketball trying to tie the game. We'll keep an eye on that with four seconds to play in that one. Thanks for joining us on Freddie and Fitz Simons on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I'm Freddie Coleman is time to do a little hope or. Nope. Do I believe or not believe when it comes to certain players certain situations? I'll give it. Yeah. I have plenty of hope like, nah, no chance that's going to be a good thing. No matter what it is, Shannon. Pin will throw the scenarios at me. And we'll do a little hope or. Nope right now. Right. We'll start in the NBA and Minnesota Derrick rose got fit score fifty points last night so can Derrick rose replaced Jimmy Butler production win Butler's,.

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