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Eventually traded. When you say it out loud that he scored fifty points in a game Derrick rose when it seemed like we would see him hit fifty points in the week. It just doesn't seem real it seemed like it did not happen last night. But it did happen. He's not replace me bullets production Jimmy straighted that has to come from Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony towns Derrick rose have one of those turn-back-the-clock kinda games. And your though he is not an old man, it seems eons ago that he was the MVP of the league back in two thousand and eleven in an era of LeBron James Kobe. Bryant was still effective. Kevin Durant was on the come up. He was the MVP of the leaf back in two thousand eleven now he's not going to be able to do that. When Jimmy Butler is finally traded a Minnesota. I will speaking of fifty point scores. We'll we'll see another one in the NBA and the next two weeks. You know what? But the Sacramento Kings one hundred forty six points. I'm not making that up the Sacramento Kings who by the way, a six and three playing really well, the Sacramento Kings tonight in an NBA game, which is become more par for the course, they beat the Atlanta Hawks one forty six to one fifteen. I don't think we'll see another fifty point game in the next couple of weeks. But then again, I'm not really sure when you got teams put up a buck forty six. I don't hawks a terrible. I didn't think that terrible made us more lights. He might get two hundred points at this rate. I'll think we'll see a fifty point score in the next couple of weeks in the NBA. But check back with me by the end of the weekend. I.

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