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Brick walls, while just twenty miles away in the town of Appalachia cola historic nineteenth century homes are largely untouched President Donald Trump says oh, visit Florida and Georgia next week to assess the damage vice President Mike Pence was in Illinois today at a fundraiser for Republican congressman Rodney Davis Sam dunk law of member station W. YES reports the GOP incumbent is among those facing a tough reelection bid in the upcoming midterms. Davis is seeking his third term in what has been a safe Republican district. The poll suggests the race will be tight this year. Similar stories are playing out in other districts across the nation in his remarks at the Illinois fundraiser, vice president Pence heaped praise on the incumbent calling him key to retaining the GOP majority. Just a few short years congressman Rodney Davis has emerged as a voice for conservative values. And we need Rodney Davis back. The congressman was reluctant to side with the administration at first Davis called for President Donald Trump to give up the nomination in two thousand sixteen following the release of a controversial access Hollywood tape for NPR news. I'm Sam dunk law in Springfield, Illinois. Former vice president Joe Biden made a campaign. Stop in Kentucky today to rally support for a political newcomer in a hotly contested congressional race Kentucky sis- six district spans from Lexington to parts of opera watcher. Sherry lawsuit of members. W E K U reports it's one of the seats. The Democrats are hoping to flip in November. Overflow crowd of more than two thousand tiered is retired marine pilot Lieutenant Colonel Amy McGrath welcomed Biden meta community. Fish fry knowing's Bill the former vice president praised McGrath's military record of eighty nine combat missions and called her run for congress. Her ninetieth mission, Biden said character is the single most lacking commodity for many of those serving us in the US congress today. As the single most important thing and Amy brings to this race in my view. President Trump is scheduled to stump for the incumbent congressman Andy bar on Saturday for NPR news. I'm Sherry Lawson in Richmond Kentucky, stocks steadied somewhat. After one of the worst selloffs in months. The Dow Jones industrial average closed up two hundred eighty seven points today to twenty five thousand three thirty nine. The NASDAQ was up one hundred and sixty seven points the SNP game thirty eight points. This is NPR. This is WNYC in New York. I'm Lance lucky. The New York City public teacher's union has announced they've reached a tentative contract agreement with the city, but some members are already grumbling about the modest salary increases. Reporter a Kramer has been covering the story for the education website, Chuck beats from some teachers who said, hey, you know, these raises these are not gonna keep us ahead of inflation is really move New York City teachers forward. Teachers will get annual races between two and three percents through twenty twenty two that comes out to be slightly more than the official New York City inflation rate for the past twelve months. A union spokesperson says the raises allow the same follow the same pattern set by contract settled earlier this year with the city's largest union proposed rule by the Trump administration could prevent hundreds of thousands of New York City immigrants from qualifying for permanent residency status. The proposal would make it harder for more immigrants to get green cards. If they're at risk of becoming what the government calls a public charge. The rule would grandfather current recipients of Medicaid and food stamps by the city's immigrant affairs Commissioner Beata mostofi says it would discourage another seventy five thousand city imigrants eligible for such benefits from applying for them in the future. They would immediately the impacted by this and it could in the future impact their ability to become legal permanent resident. She says other four hundred thousand immigrants who do not qualify for such benefits could be denied green cards because they do not meet other proposed criteria such as family size. Fifty six now about forty eight overnight increasing clouds showers likely tomorrow morning WNYC support for NPR comes from the Rockefeller Foundation. Promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world since nineteen thirteen more about Rockefellers work in food, health, power jobs and resilient cities at rock found dot org..

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