Safety group wants Hyundai and Kia to recall 2.9M vehicles


Any Senate race. In this country. Reporter Ryan Grim of the intercept says each shows how energized Democrats have gotten over the Texas campaign that O'Rourke decided to run and regular people from around the country decided that they wanted to give Ted Cruz a run for his money, and at minimum what it has done is it has forced Republicans to spend a lot of time energy and money in Texas that they otherwise would be spending. Elsewhere polls have shown Rourke running a surprisingly strong race in Texas for democrat. But most of them still agree that the edge belongs to Ted Cruz. A Turkish court has freed American pastor. Andrew Brunson who had been in jail in Turkey for over two years Brunson. Who was a cotton diplomatic dispute between Turkey and the United States reporter, Holly Williams says the countries have been at odds relations between Turkey in the US to NATO allies seemed at least at one point to be at breaking point. Andrew brunson's released will presumably go some way to improving that relationship. Brunson was being held on charges of terrorism and espionage stemming from an alleged twenty sixteen coup attempt longtime member of the legendary band Fleetwood back suing the rest of the group for kicking him off the tour following a series of disputes Bitar singer-songwriter Lindsey Buckingham says expected to earn at least twelve million dollars from the tour demanding now that he get that money because he's still able to perform it. He wants to perform there's been no official response yet from the band. It's eleven fifty on KNX as we approach the final hour of a what a trading week on Wall Street. Let's get a check of your money. Here's Frank Motech for most folks are very rough week with the main drivers down about five percent on the week. The worst starts to any October's since two thousand eight and we've seen a see-saw session today with the Dow up as much as four hundred of fourteen points. I believe was the high of the day and was down about fifty six points at the low point of the day right now for up twenty eight NASDAQ of eighty four point. Points and the S and P five hundred ten crude oil futures moving higher today of forty-three cents back to seventy one forty oil's been hit lately and still down about four percent for the week. Gold is seen a positive week. And right now down four dollars at twelve hundred Twenty-three an ounce. See Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin out today, saying the president respects the independence of the Federal Reserve in his recent comments were simply a reflection of the fact that he favors low interest rates higher interest rates have been spooking the market as bond yields moved out. We've seen a mortgage rates at seven and a half year highs this week right now. The yield on the ten year note is down to three point one three percent down from about three point two. Six percent. We saw earlier in the week.

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