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And I'm Barbara Gusts busy for everyone. I think if the we we should preface I let her know. This is a pre-tape. It's a holiday on Monday. The twenty fifth I think here in the United States. So we're taping this day. They did anything. Well it's it's still on the calendar. So what are you going to be doing on Monday? I of what? I'm doing a podcast right there. We could have done it then instead sitting here. I'll be sitting there like you just off camera on that side days. Don't mean anything holidays. Don't mean anything they absolutely do especially for people who are literally in meetings and recordings all day every day to not have those on one day of the week would be fantastic at a and Sunday. It means nothing to us but there are still plenty of people do have to go into work for the people who are actually going to the office. We are all not there. That's confused as to why we're observing holidays. I read an interesting kind of scary article this morning on the New York Times said as people go back to work like you go back to your building that you know office. Buildings have been empty for a couple of months that because the buildings have sat unused plumbing has been in use for several months that they're not designed for that so there's a risk of buildings not working right or catching engineers disease. Would you go back? Legionnaires disease infection. That's highly contagious. From the toilet up you but it could come through from stagnant water. Oh because the twitter sitting full of stagnant water right now America got so you come back from work and you get with your code and then you get Legionnaires. Disease Right has not. None of us have been eating healthy. Everybody else gets John. We should assign one person to flush all the toilets at rooster teeth like once or twice a month. If you'll company Biden entire skyscraper and you just had to go to whole building. Legionnaires disease is a form of atypical. Pneumonia caused by type of bacteria. Signs incentive include carved shortness of breath fever muscle pains headaches the bacteria from good good so we won't get it confused at all. Tiriac is found naturally and freshwater can contaminate hot water tanks hot tubs cooling towers of air conditioners. And it's spread by breathing in the midst that contains the bacteria jawing public bathrooms. Don't have the lid on the toilets you can't make right. Keep that like they. Just spray boop flakes everywhere God and you know the all that plumbing is designed to have water running it if you have like a drain that sat dry for a long time. That's not good like the gaskets dry out and could be the worst thing for any building is for it to not be used like right nature. Just reclaims it. Eventually if not constantly being agitated and stuff. I've had that with the House that I didn't live in for a bit when I had to because I was filming at one. All the toilets dried up and went Ming in all the cabinet. Stop Shut so when I pulled them open it ripped till the paint off same with some of the doors. It's like using place you need to spend money on it. Fix it crazy saying I guess. That's how places deteriorates quickly abandoned areas and things like that. It was a great start to my morning to. Oh I didn't even consider that you either stay home and avoid the virus or go to work and potentially get the virus and this other disease from your toilet that article tour facilities team and go to Earth. Why is it called lesion disease? I think the first one is identified. The lesion air it doesn't airline. It sounds like a pilot. Just an American Legion. Is I think a big outbreak of it. And that's where it was discovered in the named. Let me find out name. The disease is named after the outbreak was first identified at a nine hundred. Seventy six American Legion convention in Philadelphia. We Are Legion Nice. They're going our farmers on bumping. I'm so happened candidate. We all we all got sidetracked by a good Catchy Farmers Song. But yeah so we were talking about. How prerecording Today is Thursday. Gus and I you we just got a few our to our stream and Gussie and before that was on a one hour gaming stream two. So you've been in content literally nonstop older. I had A. I had a fifteen minute break was able to eat a sandwich and then right before we started here at another fifteen minute break guys you guys were in a bunch of content day and then went straight into puck cost. Yeah it's crazy. We also do that on Mondays to accept. The podcast is usually at five. So you go for an additional two so at least. I don't know maybe she does. Anybody have plans. It said do anything on Monday to celebrate your day off because Monday as I'm GonNa Sleep for as long as I can until noon one PM. Can you do that? I feel like there's always something going on. That wakes me up like people being loud just out in the world or your four cats. Now we're cast actually don't want me up too much. It's usually like someone's go. Elif flow going. I'll kill it grinder awake. Just won't get out of bed like it'll just be like go get more coffee and then thinking about gross. I feel my bathrobe. Benjamin does not let me sleep in anymore. Now when it's about time when I normally wake up like around seven thirty seven fifteen seven thirty in the morning he just comes over next to the bed and starts making noise next to me to try to get me to get out of bed. It's not like we're going to do anything I take him out. And then he just comes to the Lindgren sleeps. It's like he's just gets tired of sleeping in one room and wants to sleep in a different world sleeping right now. I know that your dogs. Your Dog's name is Benjamin. But you phrased that story as though it could have been your roommate and made it so much better urban stairs. He just sleeps all the fucking time noises next to my bed. Grown man sued pigments. How how much a dog a name it Trevor Fifty Grand? We could scrape that together. Yeah absolutely dog Dog. I have to supply it now. Barbara fine I I could buy any dog. I want with that money. I could buy a horse. I want to talk. Just kidding I would adopt anyway so but moist for Monday. I realized sadly today that I was like. Oh Nice three day weekend. It's actually like one and a half day weekend so even less weaken that I usually get because Sunday. We're doing a convention. The the ruby girls were doing an online convention that lasts from about one to five or six. Pm that day online so all online. Yeah so it's like a virtual panel and in virtual meet and greets and all that stuff by the time this comes out it will happen already but that's like the entirety of my Sunday gone and then we're also streaming on Saturday doing some gaming stuff. So that's another rat hustle. Monday is going to be my one actual weekend. Which is the wrap up of virtual memory. Does each person get and a lot amount of time and a third person in the child you being like a skull so thankfully I only did it once so far but yeah so. There's a two minute time limit. I always end up going over because it's impossible to have any worthwhile conversation with someone for two minutes So we end up going but there is a moderator in the call with you who essentially like comes on and be like. Aren't guys start to wrap it up or like also like type with them and say like hey like let this one extend a little bit more by two minutes is because he got to say hello and goodbye that leaves you with maybe like ninety seconds of these conversations like speed dating everyone. Yeah it is so much more exhausting than you could ever anticipate I did. I did the one I did last time. It was still like a amazing to get to meet people and have that experience especially like not only during quarantine in this situation to allow that to happen. But there's plenty of people who don't go to conventions because of anxiety or disability or whatever it is that doesn't allow them to attend in person so this allows those people to actually get that experience because of quarantine so that's Kinda cool But it is so we did. Two hours of the meet and greets last time and it was all my energy was gone by the time it ended so like. I hope I was still fun and entertaining to the people who want to give the same energy to everyone the not so trail off towards the end right. Yeah and I think that's what makes like stuff like tech so exhausting for us is like we want to be able to give full energy to every single person we meet and like every panel. Were on and so you kind of put any exhaustion to the side to just kind of go into this mode of meet-and-greet where you have unlimited energy like are trying to provide everyone the same amount and so by the end of it. You're absolutely pooped. How I feel about if I have a particularly busy Monday. If we're in like five or six let's play throughout the day and then I have to sprint from the. Let's play to the PODCAST. Let me do the post show and afterwards I just have a hard crash from God meltdown and do nothing for the rest of the night. Absolutely well I don't know what I'm doing on Monday. I have a full three-day weekend so I'm GONNA I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA enjoy every day crossing according to play a lot of animal crossing jewelry. You On that bandwagon yet. I know that the three of Sr. I'm not I don't switch don't have.

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