Wall Street opens higher on recovery optimism


About ten minutes said to go ahead of wall street's opening bell and after the Dow shot up five hundred points yesterday looks like more big games on tap today Tom W. said Debbie deputies now at three hundred fifty point that's due to optimism for an economic recovery here in the US and plans for a massive stimulus packages in Japan and the European Union and adding to the optimism on Wall Street good news and housing this morning applications for home purchase loans last week up nearly nine percent rising to the highest level since January and higher for six weeks in a row that's despite widespread unemployment Boeing this week expected to announce about twenty five hundred workers accepted voluntary layoffs not so voluntary job cuts could be coming next part of a broad cost cutting plan and General Electric founded in part by Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulbs now selling that legendary lighting unit to a Massachusetts company called about systems that make smart home devices you know in terms of the deal disclosed bell up big changes

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