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Sweeping crews that showed up a few minutes ago they were in the right lane and as fast as they showed up they disappeared so we're not seeing any problems east on the Schuylkill expressway westbound as you approach Montgomery drive what I. four crash partially blocking the right lane police remain on the scene with that it's a one vehicle accident one expressway in good shape no problems one ninety five but in Montgomery County and just look out for crash cell phone three oh nine this is at the highland Avenue on ramp it is off to the right side but with the rain coming down in parts of the area are we are seeing some spin out accidents and you do have an accident now west on the Pennsylvania Turnpike this is past will grow before you get the Fort Washington the left lane is close also a spin out crash area bridges in good shape not seeing any major problems right now in New Jersey but we do have a problem on sept it's the Warminster line train for twenty two operating with delays up to forty five minutes so service today was is going to begin at Glenside station that's due to a downed tree blocking the rails no quest month station so shuttle bus service has been requested between Glenside and Warminster our next update in about ten minutes and Kyree Moses in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center

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