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Judge nixes bid to stop coal sales that Trump revived


States a federal judge nixing a lawsuit from Washington and other states as well as environmental groups and American Indians that sought to revive an Obama era moratorium against government coal sales on public lands in the west the court says the trump administration is fixed it's fixed it's initial failure to consider environmental impacts as we continue on the combo afternoon news president trump says reopen the church's deeming houses of worship as the central A. B. C. news Washington correspondent Andy field has been on the story and the president says Andy of governors refused to allow churches synagogues and mosques to open he will over ride them and that is brought back a slew of reaction from not only our governor but many others does the president have that authority it doesn't appear he does have the authority however late this afternoon news justice department is already are threatening legal action against Illinois and other states saying with their governors overstep their bounds when it came to extending the stay at home orders so what he can do is get his Attorney General to file lawsuits and perhaps the fight this battle in court a good chords to say if I'm constitutional for governors to keep these churches close but there doesn't seem to be any inheritance already got the president tell states how they deal with the welfare of their own citizens what if the church doesn't want to open its doors would they be mandated to do we know I don't think the state approved sports part of the amendment of the constitution the better separation of church and state I don't think anyone can force the churches open I was interesting as a doctor Debra birch who is the head of its corona virus has forced the medical part of it got up today and and basically contradicted the president he said I you know but he demand restrictions open over the weekend and she said well you know there might be some churches and communities where there's a lot of cases of the cove it where would be smart to open the maybe next week or the week after so even though the president made this demand once again his own medical folks are kind of walking that back a little bit

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