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Memorial Day weekend unlike


Memorial Day weekend unlike any other as many Americans are figuring out how to celebrate the CDC issuing new coronavirus guidelines A. B. C.'s Trevor Ault has more from Belmar New Jersey the CDC has updated its covert nineteen guidelines saying the virus mainly spreads directly from person to person and doesn't spread easily from contaminated surfaces the agency also now estimates at least a third of people who contract covert nineteen don't show any symptoms still major areas are approaching the reopening process with an abundance of caution and president trump on Friday demanding places of worship re opened and he can override governor's who refuse California says guidelines to reopen churches will be in place by Monday Joe Biden is facing backlash over his comments about black voters in a radio interview on Friday the former vice president admitting he might have been too cavalier when he said voters considering trump ain't black this is ABC news a silver lining for the corona virus pandemic industry experts say Wrobel calls are way down from debt collectors and solicitors the millions of job losses from cove in nineteen also hitting scammers closing call centers are limiting staff in countries like India and the Philippines but experts warn once the lockdowns are lifted those calls will probably be back and

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Memorial Day weekend unlike

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