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Trump claims he will override the governors to reopen churches despite not having that power - burst 17


Trump's plan for reelection not going after a Quinnipiac University on Wednesday found Biden leading trump by eleven points. A Fox News poll showed Biden leading by eight points. Prompting the president to Tweet Fox News should fire their fake pollster and trump struggles also seem to be pulling down. Gop candidates in traditionally Republican states including Senator Martha mcsally and Arizona. Senator Is David Perdue and Kelly Laughlin. Georgia don't even now from the State of the twentieth race or Sam Cedar host the majority report with Sam Slaughter Answer Lena Maxwell Co host of the show signal boost just start with the sort of general state of things. Is there? Lena start with you. Which is I do feel like. I said the other day on the show that the basics here are as straightforward as can be which is right now. The equilibrium is the country's in terrible shape and the incumbent. President is not doing particularly well in bowling. That's basically where things stamp. Yeah I mean. It's not a surprise to anybody who's watching the president's news conferences every day That the Republican Party who continues to defend that conduct is going to see their poll. Numbers go down.

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