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Bud Foster Interview & Madden Mayhem Squares (Ep. 823) - burst 17


Line rivers seems to be playing well. Well COACHED SQUAD CLEVELAND. They played well but I still think they have some holes and indie getting three points. I'm all I'm the colts all day. Are you kidding me? I'm not kidding you sean. I'm GONNA backup The colts are on this man. I mean getting rivers. Looks like they're like the best player since Besides Mitch Vic in this game and You know that offense line has been dominating. The they've looked great both games. Yeah I think Darius Leonard can really rattle Baker Mayfield and and I don't think Beckham Junior's GonNa have a huge game like if you can stop many. You can take down the dog pound. And don't look now. You WanNa talk about a future. That is Kinda sneaky. Sneaky the only team that can really catch the Kansas City chiefs in terms of home field in the AFC is the Cleveland browns. Oh so again if they win in convincing fashion that future of eight to one for them as very realistic because remember they have a plus twenty two right now on the point differential so they could in theory catch the chiefs and they would they would certainly obviously pass the bills on the NFC side. Sean yes I think Seattle at five to one when they basically have a buy in the next round walking into the semi fine ones. That bad. I'M STILL. I'm still going Colts at eight hundred. I gave it out at plus one thousand. I still think at eight hundred. It's it's still a really good price. Kurdi do you even want to give out are Super Bowl Champ? Afc NFC. I'm GonNa last thing I was going to say. It was just that if Seattle wins and for whatever reason the New Orleans saints don't win we're going to be probably looking at a conference championship in Seattle. So from an odds perspective that could be some value there. Who's your who's your Pec I'll go. I've colts and Seattle even though I took skins plus and a half the numbers too big but I think I wouldn't be surprised. Seattle moves on. GimMe Colts in Seattle and the colts. Pull it out as eight to one dog winning mad and Mayhem Koby Adjusted Super Bowl champ into what I did initially because I'm that much of a prophet. Look I got the I got the seahawks beaten the chiefs in Super Bowl so I kind of want to stick to the same thing where I was before and that. That's I'm with Colby. I'm going with my original. Pick to your prophet too right. Well I'm I'm the kind of prophet who who has big old ball. Because I didn't take the Kansas City chiefs I went straight. GimMe Seattle Gimme buffalo and our boy the the author the the the man who's who's building all those awesome Bracket viewers tyler. He he put together some number. Sean for what people have left in Madden mayhem and if you look at the thirty. Two team contests only forty. People have the bills in the final four. Only forty damn so I am special. Let more people have the browns and the bills? That's crazy but the most impressive thing is. I saw two people pick the redskins to win at all. Wow so well if they went to them. Yeah they're getting a big chunk of that thousand mybookie credit prize will. That's a ballsy. Play the break down the chiefs thirty percent of the pool. Have the chiefs winning next saints? Seventeen percent that Ravens at sixteen point nine percent of the teams remaining after the seventeen percent of the people that are on the saints. It

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