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The six hundred dollars per


Maryland's cove in nineteen stay at home restrictions have been replaced with a safer at home advisory and transportation officials are urging Memorial Day travelers to make smart decisions on the road there could be congestion on routes to Ocean City the Delaware beaches and other destinations with possible delays on Monday as travelers return home meanwhile Baltimore mayor Jack young says the city remains under a stay at home order amid the pandemic and residents should not hold big parties over the Memorial Day weekend the mayor says gathering should be limited to people living in a household Baltimore police say they have plans in place to address violations the mayor's comments came after he requested the president trump reconsider his Memorial Day visit to fort McHenry the mayor says it would send the wrong message to residents under the stay at home order and tie up city resources more than one hundred thousand new unemployment claims have been filed in the district since March thirteenth more than forty thousand people have not yet been paid unique Morris Hughes with the city's department of employment services says sixty five percent of claims are processed within twenty one days so we know that there are individuals that have not been paid but we have to review literally every single claim that's processed and it just takes some time another fine for former DC councilmember Jack Evans for ethics violations the DC ethics board find Evans thirty five thousand dollars yesterday for using his position on the council to benefit his private consulting firm

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The six hundred dollars per

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