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Yes and I like to use the word


For us and we find that so many of our clients it is more than just an adviser to them we become their family we become their friend at times of need so when you say emotional yes were emotionally attached but I will tell you there's such a passion within our company to help people and to know I mean to help people put them in the right place the stories that we hear from time to time of people that have had advises that maybe that didn't have their best interests at heart we've become very passionate and very emotional over that because we want to help people understand what is sound retirement plan looks like for them because mark everybody deserves a retirement but it's really good to be dictated by how well did you plan for it yeah I'm gonna get back to the planning part but what are some of the common mistakes that people make with their money with the motional decisions or in uncertain Financial Times we don't really know what the future's going to be we don't know what the new normal is going to be in the light what are some of the common mistakes that people make with their money I'm here's one I just put everything in cash today Stephanie why will because I'm scared well what just happened what just happened was that you felt that you could tighten the market getting out that you got out right and now you're depended on your intuitions are servants to know when is the right had to get back in March do you realize that more people make the worst financial choices during emotional crisis makes sense and I've had people say to me coming in not my clients by the way other

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Yes and I like to use the word

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