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A record high unemployment right now in California fifteen and a half percent for the month of April


The stock market posted gains for the week this all makes finish Friday have a three day Memorial Day holiday weekend reduce tensions between the US and China over Hong Kong weighed on the markets after the Hong Kong market plunged nearly six percent the Dow came in for a closing loss of nine points the sale of twenty four thousand four sixty five of three point three percent for the week some of the big tech names including Amazon and Facebook at record highs over the past week the nasdaq finished out the week with a gain of forty points that index posted a gain of three point four percent for the week after the closing bell Friday rental car giant hurts filed for bankruptcy after the coronavirus crisis crush demand Ford's cars company plans to keep operating while it reorganizes joining me now Dr Mohammed al already in chief economic adviser Ali ons former pimco CEO in Newport beach Mohammed thank you very much for joining us as you've done every week now since this crisis began we greatly appreciate it give us your view where things stand here at the moment

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A record high unemployment right now in California fifteen and a half percent for the month of April

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