Morons in the news



Have three quickies for you here Starting off with a woman in Florida. Who kept trying to kiss random strangers at a bar? She then called nine one one to report the business was not enforcing social distancing rules. Once again this was a woman from Florida in a bar so I know it doesn't connect her going up and kissing random people and then calling nine one one herself but that's Florida am. That's what happened. I guess the biggest shock. Here's the calling nine. One one hundred it is it everything else. Just sounds like Wednesday. Right exactly A Huge House party in Los Angeles. That was breaking. Stay at home. Rules ended when a man accidentally shot himself in the Groin. I can't tell you how many parties menin shot themselves in the groin and it just puts a pall on the whole thing. It just brings it down. It's the in difficult the good times. It really is forever even if you're not the one with the with the bullet in the groin around things as more on of the day is a South Korean soccer team. They played a match last Sunday of because South Korea's reopening from its very strict corona coronavirus lockdown and the team which is called. Fc Soul. They won the match against Guangzhou F C. They said that they felt bad at the players didn't have any fans in the stand. So they got the. They got a hold of them themselves. A whole bunch of love dolls and put face masks on them and put them in the picture. I saw the picture and you know what the not only are that are. The sex dolls are love dolls wearing masks. They're also socially distanced at least feet. Apart in the state in their defense they had ordered mannequins but the supplier gave them these love dolls and it was fans watching notice. That not only were these dolls wearing clothes with sex doll logo the company of the sex doll on it. They were real real busty which is not a typical thing for mannequins especially must've must've been quite a game because all of the dolls were going. Lou. Oh they were surprised but todd initially called them sex dose and then corrected him so a love dogs to make it more politically noticed that myself. I wanted to go along the way he described it to and I just you know so. I'm sorry I apologize. Sort very unhappy enthusiastic to the cheering on their team. Text the word Moron to eight eight eight two six two seven four three seven. We'll send this straight to your phone and when you do that you're automatically registered to win a bottle of our very involuntary hand sanitizer called people make me sick and next in line. We go to Devon England. A police department. They're rated drug dealers house. They found cocaine. They found Scales and a lot of money inside but they did not find the drug dealer. At least they didn't find him until they went outside and they looked up. It turned out. The Guy Tried to escape by climbing through the skylight to hide on the roof and he ran out so fast he was totally naked and holding a box full of marijuana. They eventually talked him. Come down and arrest him. Let me just say if you find yourself on your roof naked holding drugs. You need to change your life's path. How has the change? How big of a box. Don't smoke at all once chief. We're in lockdown last. How big of a box did he have a not say? It did not say how big it was.

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