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Still easing out and taking


Sixty seven for the high distributor noon lingering clouds late tonight with a cool breeze will be fifty two in detail then tomorrow you'll see a morning clouds break for some sunshine your would remain cool the old high will be sixty five in just fifties close to the coast Morial days would be a little warmer but still cool for the end of may we'll see some patchy morning clouds then some afternoon sun hi dear seventy to get could get the coast more substantial about coming to the B. C. B. S. five day forecast to start feel more like a leaf spring clouds up seventy five for Tuesday night's stay there the dad you're eighty for the high Wednesday and Thursday with a mix of clouds and sun both days all right now in town the sun is trying desperately to break through those clouds getting brighter and brighter every minute here in town at least in downtown at sixty six and the temperature sixty seven green lawn sixty five in Forest Hills and sixty five in Greenwich three fifties or time at W. C. B. S. former First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance last night as part of M. T. V.'s problem I thought was a special for the class of twenty twenty the

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Still easing out and taking

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The battery tunnel heading into Manhattan the Brooklyn bridge the Williamsburg bridge are all a

Midday News 1 d ago

High will be eighty two to eighty six in the city

Vickie Allen and Levon Putney 3 d ago


Steve Scott 3 d ago

Low fifties in the suburbs then tomorrow some sun to start but then it turns mostly cloudy

Steve Scott 3 d ago

And there's your opening to remind them who pays the bills around here

The CBS Evening News 3 d ago

North of the G. W. B. that

Michael Wallace and Steve Scott 3 d ago

Through Suffolk or moving well

Michael Wallace and Steve Scott 3 d ago

We'll turn partly cloudy tomorrow night will be as cool with lows fifty seven amid town

CBS News 60 Minutes 4 d ago

The winds will subside as we go into this evening it's not it's going to be

WCBS Programming 4 d ago

Still a bit busy on the southbound

WCBS Programming 4 d ago