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What a gorgeous day temperatures are gonna be climbing into the low to mid eighties for daytime highs today now I'm isolated shower or thunderstorm possible but not lately only a twenty percent chance so enjoy the day because we're gonna lots of clouds tomorrow in it's gonna be cooler temperatures right around seventy degrees tomorrow maybe a sprinkle or a little bit of drizzle around as well as a turning point is pretty but Monday gorgeous partly sunny temperatures are to be back into the mid to upper seventies for your Memorial Day I'm something for me around just born rickets seventy seven degrees in Burkitt's eighty in Potomac seventy eights in Logan circle in the district at three forty the re

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Day delivery prescriptions

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Next update at less than ten

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Sunny and sixty six degrees in the nation's capital

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Coverage switch today and get ready to upgrade your life step up with boost mobile

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The fifteen northbound slow

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That delays also continued

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Even place your order from home shop today and save Jerome show rooms are now open

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In that round about that is blocked with that police activity and

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Know about it on the traffic tipster line two four eight four two three six

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Afternoon wears on that warmer more humid air that is

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Everybody now pushed on to

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