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Hard-Selling vs Soft-Selling and the Invisible Hooks You Probably Missed


What's up everybody this Russell Brunson? Welcome back to the marketing secrets. Podcast today at one talk. About the marketing that's invisible inside of the fulfillment of the thing that you are actually selling so the big question. Is this power entrepreneurs like us. He didn't cheat and take on VENTURE CAPITAL FOR SPENDING MONEY. Own pockets marketing away. Let us get our products and our services and the things that he believed in out to the world and yet still remain profitable. That is the question in this. Podcast will give you the answer. Name's offer Brunson and welcome the marketing. All right so a couple of things ahead. Somebody An instagram right me in the questioning. Hard selling and soft selling out the wheels my head spinning and then today actually this whole week. Everybody is starting to get the the books in the of the traffic secrets are showing up. The box shown up odd so exciting seeing everybody getting their boxes and packages and a couple of people circle made videos them open boxes and it was like. Did you guys all capture? The marketing lessen the Russel's gave us here inside of this box. And it's fun because I don't think most people got it but a few people did some secrets just in case because a lot of times we focus so much on the hard selling I'm GonNa go. I'M GONNA create my offer my funnel. GonNa. I'm like Hook from a hook them. Tell the story make an offer. That's hard selling right. Soft selling rate all the subtleties. You're doing around everything for example in my podcast and my facebook lives in my interviews. My everything I'm always talking about stuff right. I always talk about click funnels and when when I had made a circle when it was still open if you ever noticed the first probably three hundred episode of this podcast as always talking about major circle members. Don't manage circle member to this circle member to this. I was talking about these people in this tier need this group and as I did that more people right I want to be in their circus are looking for it right. And that's what just it's just like casually talking about things talking about phones talking about order talking about all these things that lead back to whatever it is that you actually sell and so I think a lot of people think oh I mean there's some my product you're selling my product or I'm or I'm I'm teaching right and say no they all go together. Do you understand that? Like they're all they'll kind of tied together in so soft songs all the things. You're doing all the time lake. Just for example right. Now what have already done already talked about? Click funnels with talked about the traffic secrets book and talked about the box and talking about circles with four things. Just in the first two minutes of this podcast just and it's like planting seeds and talking about and talking about more and and as you do more and more of it it just gets people to to wonder more into look more and be more excited when the opportunity to purchase arises. So that's kind of a hard sell soft so now to go deeper on that. This is This is what's what's Fun Right. So everybody bought the book and You went to the book funnel right if you have a book yet come on Alec. Why are you even listening to me this point? Don't trust me enough to go by the book. But I digress. Traffic DOT COM. You'll get the book the book you go through down so flowing through the whole thing off there. I you much webinar. Hopefully go to Webinar. And you know the whole whole funnel happens. That's hard now. Soft cell are the things happening now right so in the mail every got box outside the boxes waiting for you open the box scan the Qr Code. And I know about people know how to use our Koji. I still am just learning how to use them if they go to your photo APP and you hold Kyoko to pop open website. Where the video from me in the video ad space basically tell people? I think you so much for buying this book I read from. Sison like you're gonNA love it. I can't wait to dive into it and ask them for favors. Look just know an authorized me biggest thing that we want is we want to be able to make how people actually get the thing. We create right. We spend eighteen months of our life. Lock down like writing this. This this thing for you like I want you to feedback. It's like the thing that being the most me right now is before you open his box of extra record yourself. The boxes you open it go and then shared on facebook and instagram social media and tag me on it and and I wanna see those things right now again. This is like this is the art of selling now right so maximum for favorite US book. I I kill myself to give it to you. Have if you could just make a video you in boxing and posted now. Obviously not everyone does not even like not even the majority of people do but a good percentage people do and posting them everywhere the posting when the close group posted on their own page posting them on instagram their their stories that like I am getting tagged in in boxing video everywhere and obviously we sold like I think sixty or seventy thousand copies of book so far and my getting sixty or seventy thousand getting literally hundreds multiple hundreds of people posting these videos. And when they're doing it gets what's happening their friends their family members or other people like what's up. What's it about and it's starting to make sales Second wave cells are coming. I didn't do anything for other than I. Just ask people to be willing to box that. They're they're thinking posting and boxing you tag. She's been really really cool All the course ones. I don't see all some land. My other folder junk-food but the cool ones. I see I share Mcginn. It's helping those people as well so there's a lot of benefits than side of the book like if you the box you open up a quickstart guide in quick start. Guide walks you through how to use the book. You can buy a computer. You Get Quick Start Guide you buy. Software Quick Star Guy like before book. We don't we included quickstart guides to get quick star guidance. I Okay. I need you to read this book. Second thing you need to do is if you ever read. This is part one of three. They go get the other two books and make sure you read the whole. Trojan get along with the workbook for free. Then here's how to get the whole box set. So I'm telling about the best way to consume the book and how it fits with the other books and for them to go get it right so. It's not hard to say here that you're reading this. This is the best way to consume it. I'm just like if I was selling crackers. I'd like the best way crackers with some some crackers. Cashew milkers of I don't even know. Is that even a thing like I was? Let's say let's say I had a food company right and Shampoo Company right. The Best Chiampou Booms doubled yourselves right. It's these little these little things like that. And so the quickstart guide is also then like little tickets to other things like tickets to webinars tickets all offers. We have just like oh by the way. Here's a bookmark you can use but it also serves as a pretty good ad smell these bookmarks that come in the in the boxes people who broke marks in the books but it's pushing to the Webinar funnel and the this thing and it just other places. They're quick funnels trial things like that you know. And so it's just it's little things kind of including in the sales process the fulfillment process that Increase a whole bunch of things right. It gets your your book. Your product is spread more viral. It gets people talking about people sharing it gets people knowing. What's the next step? Where do I go from here in the value like what's the next piece and so all the things that you kind of look at them? That's that's the magic so anyway. I hope you started thinking about

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