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Parts of New York Reopen Amid Lower Case Count


With the number of coronavirus deaths in New York dropping below one hundred for the first time since March the state is now talking about more areas re opening the mid Hudson region including Westchester Rockland county's Long Island all possibly re opening this week governor Cuomo may have more to say about that in his daily press briefing which of course we will cover here on ten ten wins right now though we go to A. B. C. news we get the latest on the national situation I again remind everyone the corona virus is not yet contained says FDA commissioner Steven Hahn in a tweet or he adds that social distancing mask wearing in hand washing will protect us all Dr John eller into infectious disease doctor and ABC news contributor he says taking those steps outside can be even more effective in reducing the risk of the virus the same principles that have kept us safe inside were more likely to be even safer outside because the virus I ate with culture violet radiation and the humidity less likely to to spread however more than ninety seven thousand people in the U. S. have died of covered nineteen the front page of today's New York times listing the names and information of one thousand

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