Governor not happy Big Ben went for a haircut

Boomer & Gio


I want to read you a couple of headlines and then I'm going to play a clip for you so this is from From Fox News Ben. Rothlisberger got a haircut in the Pennsylvania. Governor is not happy for me. Spn Governor Not Happy Ben Rothlisberger one for a haircut. The Post steelers Ben. Rothlisberger has haircut ignores a political battle. Okay fine now. I'm going to play you the clip from yesterday from Tom Wolfe the Pennsylvania governor about all this versus the questions the first part of his answer. Good Eddie did you think about steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger. Getting his hair and beard cut. Recently at an allegheny county barbershop. Will the barbershop face? Disciplinary action is the state investigating. My concern is just a general concern. Anybody who puts himself or herself into harm's way is is something that I think we ought to try to avoid. Seems like a very reasonable answer as opposed to. He's not happy or upset with Ben. Rothlisberger done anything. The question should be. How do you feel about your medical director? Taking her mother out of a nursing on ten ten wins. I suppose battle right okay. I just want to make sure that we're all basis. I'm not saying it doesn't matter and I don't like a little tattletale like he got his haircut. What are you gonNA do about it? I mean come on. That's my point with the headlines. I thought he probably call the mound. He was ticked off. It's like what he says is right

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