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(Bonus) Bryan Salesky, CEO of Argo - burst 03


Been like for this technology. There's the Silicon Valley approach. And then there's the Detroit approach and like who has got a win out in the end. It and I feel like both. Both of the both sides have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of getting the technology out the door and ultimately doing something that will have an impact on the real world. But I feel like your story is really kind of a best of both worlds story. And you've you've done the stints in the valley you've been at. Waymo you know you're in Pittsburgh and and Detroit and so I'm curious on your take on the different cultures. At least when it comes to tackling this problem engineering problem. You're I certainly did my tour of duty out West also done quite a bit here in Pittsburgh and Detroit and certainly there are. There are differences the weather chief among them but beyond that. I think what I've actually found is a lot of common ground in that one of the folks that work for us very mission oriented their mission. They're driven by the idea that there's A. There's a better way to operate vehicles that addresses the safety the safety issues around human based driving and I think especially in in in in the challenging miles that there are to drive and I found that that folks in the valley versus here. It's no difference is if your mission oriented and you're doing in your you know you want to be part of this. There's really no difference.

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(Bonus) Bryan Salesky, CEO of Argo - burst 03

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